The new Kindle Fire
My Amazon author page!!!!

Two things came last night that I am very excited about. First, Amazon sent me my new Fire. I am a huge Kindle fan (and all my books are available on the Kindle Store except 1). The new Fire is simply amazing.  I was up and running with all my books downloaded in less than 30 minutes. I need to get access to the project Gutenberg books, but I can do that at any point. That is simply a manual download effort.

The second item that arrived was the MetaWatch. MetaWatch is a Kickstarter project (one – if you aren’t playing with Kickstarter its is simply amazing as a way to see what is coming and what may be cool and fund them early). The watch like the pebble is a connected device (a watch form factor that becomes a second screen for your iPhone or Android device). I was up and running with the device in roughly 10 minutes. Now I will admit that I am risking today, because I didn’t take the time to update the firmware – I will do that tonight.

Add that to my favorite time of the year and all is well. Although running down to DC yesterday was a pain, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. This morning is an odark 30 trip due to an early meeting start so we will see if its worse in the early, early am. Its my favorite time of the year because of two people, my Grandfather and my mother. Both of whom spent considerable time making every Christmas special. I love the change in people when they realize Santa is near.

Everyone has adjusted to the transition from T-Mobile to AT&T. I personally enjoy the fact that now my devices all work pretty much everywhere (except, well the basement of the EPA building). Its an early day time to roll!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow!

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