In the quiet of the maddening rush
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On the train of souls

each light turned away

listening to the silence

and following the quiet bouncing ball

that floats up and down

never side to side

never looking

always bouncing

and in the quiet there is little to hear

little to see

no looking

no connection

as the quiet rolls onward

in that quiet when you are alone

you find a measure of solace

and a measure of fear

you take the solace

and you hide from the fear

pulling your coat further around you

remembering that things were never what they were

and listening to the smatters

that shatter the quiet

each one

combined with others

to create the next great play

on the great way…

each one a moment

a compilation

yet filled with songs unwritten

as the trees bend to the wind

and time passes as though not engaged.



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