To blog or not to blog that is the question
My Amazon author page!!!!

The why of blogging. I had 160 hits on my blog yesterday. Why? Don’t know. It was an average blog. I had 200 + hits for three straight days with last week’s one less teenager post so I have no clue what it is that drives people.

Normally I have many more hits on my podcasts than on my blog (average) but I post fewer podcasts so while there are higher per podcast downloads the numbers are skewed because I blog almost every day.

A few numbers:

  • Most popular blog ever: Jackie’s 18th birthday post (over 1200 views day of, nearly 2500 views all time)
  • Least popular blog (lots) average about 1 view per roughly 300 blogs
  • Total views both blogs (more than 50,000)
  • Total number of blogs (both blogs) 3000
  • Highest search term: The Cloud Dating Game (more than 400 searches)
  • Largest referring site: Facebook
  • Second highest: Linkedin

Interesting note on the last state – this blog gets most of its referrals from Facebook. My other blog gets most of its referrals from Linked in.

Blogging is an interesting hobby.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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