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OK – so I have to start off by being completely honest. I had to reach out to the MetaWatch support team yesterday because my 1.1 update fialed. They were awesome and got me up and running in about 15 minutes. In the end it was my problem that caused the issue not theirs. For some reason my laptop decided to forget about the USB port.

MetaWatch Review:


Full disclosure I was a huge Microsoft Spot watch user and fan. The guys that were behind a lot of that innovation are the founders of Metawatch so in fairness – they had me at hello! And hello it was – see above the picture of my watch screen. It has my stocks, weather, battery life and of course being a watch the time and date. Over the next couple of software releases they are adding email notification and Facebook/Twitter. But right now today you get SMS and Caller ID. Its really nice when you are in a meeting to look down at your watch (innocent activity) when your phone buzzes. You can see who is calling and determine if you want to take THE CALL.

First things first. You get the watch – the box is pretty cool. It comes with an alligator clip USB charging and updating unit. The watch has a solid look and feel. When you unpack the box you don’t get the sense that anything was left out.

Initial setup takes two steps:

  • Download application for phone (and set phone into Bluetooth receive mode) connect iPhone or android device using the application and setup your screen.
  • For caller ID and SMS notification you have to go into the settings of the phone and pair it with the watch. You need to set Bluetooth to also broadcast all notifications to receive SMS and Caller ID.

They are continuing to work on the software so on occasion you will need to update your unit. They have a simple application and once you have it connected to a working USB port (my problem that delayed my upgrade was this) you are good to go. Version 1.1 of the software is out now and it is an easy update.

Like the old Spot watches you have “multiple” screens you can customize. I’ve only started on the first two screens with stocks and weather. I will add addition widgets as they become available. Their SDK is coming soon and will allow even further customization.

Going to my other blog for a second ( ) I talked about the concept of the screen as a service. The MetaWatch is one of the first implementations of that concept and it is very exciting!


  • Solid look and feel
  • Easy to connect and setup
  • Battery on my watch lasts longer than my phone
  • Notification screen is easily read – SMS and caller ID
  • Apps are clean and display is solid


  • You are bound to your phone’s reception. For example the update process can bite you if you want to watch your stocks and you are riding the Metro, there are dead area’s where you get no data on the train so you lose your screen.
  • You have to have a working USB port.

I’ve been wearing my watch for 4 days now. During that time it has become a great tool. As additional applications allow me to push to the new screen from my iPhone this device will continue to get better and better. Overall I would put the MetaWatch in my list with ActiveWords. Tools you don’t realize how much you need until you actually get one. The question is will this stem the tide away from watches?

If you wear a watch and carry either an Android or iPhone – get a METAWATCH.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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