Sometimes that is all you can do
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I’ve written more than 3000 blogs. Out of that number (and the more than 50,000 views) I would say frankly that I’ve written maybe 250 good blogs and probably 10 good series. But it isn’t about quality its about clearing the machine. So in the end the low quality stuff costs the same as the good stuff so, it really doesn’t matter.

We were talking at lunch the other day and one of the guys said “I grew up on a farm.” When I was a kid I used to go to Wisconsin all the time, the little town (Cambridge WI) where my Grandparents lived was surrounded by farms. My mother went to school with the sons and daughters of farmers.

We lived in an Indiana town that was focused on Indiana University. It was hilly so we didn’t have as many people who made their living farming around us. I wonder though was that simply a trend in my life or in general? The statistics say fewer people make a living as farmers today than 50 years ago.

Which is why I brought this topic up today. Not a great blog but one that fills the time between 5 am and 5:15 am.

Sometimes that is all you can do.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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