Another shameless review…EYETV Mobile
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First off – Skyfall – not what I was expecting. A little darker and a little quieter than a Bond movie. So overall didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I have Bond movies of the past. The last Phoenix scene (rising from the ashes of his past to become Bond again was kind of cool).

I’ve been playing with the Eyetv device. This device let’s your iOS device receive live television wherever you are (of course the cities supported today are similar to the list FLOTV had until the end of that awesome device). The downside to the new TV devices is that they require the old apple connector so the iPhone and the Ipod Touch can’t use them without adapters. Luckily my trusty iPad still has the old connector so that was a quick connect and setup process.

You first download the EyeTV Mobile software from the App store. Took about 2 minutes to download on wi-fi, probably a little more on your cellular connection.

note one: The system uses over the air broadcast television so you don’t use your data plan (makes this different from Dish’s remote access, Hulu or other data driven services).

The device comes with two antennas, one with a suction cup for windows and mounting further away from the iPad. The other is smaller and has the old FM radio type telescoping antenna. Both worked pretty well and I after the initial setup got access to four stations right away from the greater DC broadcast area. Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC currently working and actually pretty decent picture quality. Eventually I suspect your iPad will become another DVR. Archos had a DTV antenna system but they never actually brought it to the US. That device (500 gig hd and ability to record both broadcast and Satellite tv) would have been the best possible combination but overall this is pretty good.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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