Portable Power

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I’ve been thinking about the concept of power for awhile. In the beginning of my IT career (and during my teaching career) for the most part I went to one place and then went home. The same places the vast majority of the time. I had devices (Apple II and Macintosh) computers that were at best quasi portable. Later when I moved into consulting I was often in different places, both work, hotel and home. You begin to evaluate the concepts of portability when you are on the go like that.

My concept because power. How do you find enough power to be successful. Sure, you can carry batteries. That works for a time – extending your life to 12 or even beyond hours. But it doesn’t solve the problem of recharging a number of devices (try a printer, they make power disappear fast). when you are mobile.

You can consider solar, but that is today a trickle change at best which can charge a cellular phone at best with someone you can carry and not look like someone from a Hollywood movie (The solar creature from planet X).

Power becomes a limiting factor – batteries continue to improve but they haven’t really doubled or tripled the capacity. Or for that matter create and leverage reusable fuel cells.

I wonder if that isn’t the reality of portable power very soon. Fuel cells…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

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