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Kickstarter-the crowd funding site. I’ve been a fan for awhile both of the concept of crowd funding as well as the broader concept of crowd sourcing for ideas. Kickstarter however remains one of the most interesting sites I’ve found in awhile. Its fun to see the creative ideas people have in building out new solutions to problems that while they seem to be small – in the end are pretty critical. I am always on the lookout for gadgets I can use in teaching science to my kids so it’s a great place to troll for new technology ideas.

There were a couple of new/interesting projects there today that I’ve decided to back. I have to say the entire process is fun. This is the fifth project I’ve backed (and later I found my sixth so this is six now). Two weren’t funded to the right level. Two have already been delivered (and frankly they are very cool, one converges multiple source networks to create a converged Internet connection – great when you have multiple network connections (like weak wi-fi and reasonable aircard you want to combine). The other is the metawatch. I am now waiting for three more projects to complete (Pebble watch and a couple of others).

Half the fun is reading the updates as the solution gets built and tested. The other half the fun is playing with the new technology. There is no risk for the funding person as if a project doesn’t get funded, you simply don’t get charged. Overall it’s a rather interesting way to contribute to the crowd developed and funded system. You become in effect a single VC backing the projects you find interesting. No one puts in millions of dollars and the projects are put together as cheaply as can be established. If you lose your investment its not a huge loss (usually 200 dollars or less). I believe that ideas will be solved and problems will be vanquished more quickly with this new model than they have been in the past. I am a huge back of Kickstarter and commend the creators!




Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow!

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