and freaking laser beams on the top of it
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Note: (please excuse the whining tone) It feels like the two coasts always make fun of folks in the “Middle” but I wonder, on the East coast people leave when the sun is still hiding and don’t come home until the sun is down. The concept of neighbors is very different here than in the middle. Sure life moves a lot faster on the coast – but you don’t have someone to lean over the fence and talk about it with.

I was addicted to foursquare for awhile. I need to go to an FA meeting. I decided yesterday to stop cold turkey. The next step is deleting the application from my portable devices.  When that happens I know I will be over that addiction.

Long day yesterday riding home on the Metro watching tired people stand in the cold waiting for a train I realized two things, I need a better winter coat then the one I’ve been using and two I hate cold weather. I used to love the concept of snow but right now it just makes me cold. So I started thinking as I was freezing walking to my car after getting off the train what was the perfect winter coat.

First it can’t be the kind mom bought  us when we were eight, remember? Removable liners? the first time you took out the liner was the last time the liner ever fit into the jacket. More than a test of dexterity and patience I have to say. Of course mom got mad at us for not using the liner but who could get the freaking thing back into the jacket, anyway?

The perfect winter coat needs to have lining made for 20 degrees and above with wiring inside the jacket that allows you to turn it on for heat when the temperature gets older. Since we would need batteries (or maybe just the batteries from a 787 they seem to be able to combust at will) we could also charge devices. It needs to be like the way cool Scott-Vest and coats with lots of pockets. Finally, an attached scarf and gloves would be awesome so I don’t forget them.

It isn’t hard people. Oh yeah and with deference to Dr. Evil, it needs to have freaking laser beams on the top of it. Seriously again it isn’t hard people!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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