Rambling gambling saturday

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Yes my ear is still bugging me. I have another doctor’s appt a week from Wednesday. If it is still bugging me then I am considering a Van Gogh. (if thine eye offends thee – pluck it out) (JOKE)).

Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are – Meatloaf.

Objects in the rear view mirror when you add an inch of snow to Washington Roads may appear to actually be stationary because they actually are stationary.

Sorry today is a series of random close out the week thoughts. They aren’t linear nor are they organized which sadly is the way my brain works most of the time. I can focus for roughly 8 hours any one day. Based on that the vast majority of my focus goes to my kids when I first get home and working. Which means by Saturday I lack focus.

My favorite line from the book and movie trilogy (Lord of the Rings) “Fly you fools.” Gandalf the Gray.

My favorite line from the movie Creator “One day man will peer down his microscope and see God staring back at him. The first one that blinks loses their testicles.”

My favorite line from the TV show Big Bang Theory “I’m not crazy my mother had me tested.”


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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