We saw a Raven in Baltimore…

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Over a year in the making – a trip to Edgar Allen Poe’s gravesite and homes. My very first published poem had a line in it “lay the flower and pour the bourbon” because I was and am a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan. His life like many artists was short and mysterious (no one is quite sure how he died – lots of conjecture but no proof).

I am a better technical writer than a fiction writer, but I have over the years published a few works of fiction and poetry. There are a number of writers that have influenced me over the years. Tom Robbins – he is without a doubt one of my very favorites. Hemingway and Steinbeck took hold of me at various times and for different reasons. F Scott Fitzgerald (buried in Rockville MD – just a little South of us) and Edgar Allen Poe (buried a little East of us) have all touched me at various times. We saw a Raven in Baltimore yesterday which was kind of ironic. It was probably 100 yards from the house Poe lived in as he switched from poet to fiction writer.

Anyway it was a great day hanging out with the family and indulging in one of my personal quests. To see the resting place of the person who made my resting place uncomfortable for so many nights.

As a parent the nicest thing you can say it is simply fun to hang out with my children. I am very proud of all three of them.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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