IU The Indiana University

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My first IU basketball game was watching George McGinnis as a sophomore go well, crazy and score 30+ points. He was an amazing player. My dad took me and that began my love of IU ball.

During the Coach Knight era we as Indiana fans were spoiled. Mostly by winning but also by the fact that the team came and played every night. They also did so under Coach Davis, who in following a legend (like a lot of other coaches who have followed legends) suffered greatly and really in the end not a fair comparison.

I watched the game yesterday. The team has a couple of flaws (half court game still needs work) but it is great to see the young Hoosiers come together. I really love the weave offence that Coach Crean is using. You see vestiges of the motion offence in that. I do however wish that ESPN and CBS would stop brining up the fact the Coach Crean is an in-law of the two Super Bowl coaches.

The flaw that IU has right now is that they are a running team. When you slow them down into a half-court game (Butler, Wisconsin and now Michigan State) they struggle. Yesterday was the first game where they actually kept their poise and won the game in a slowdown. Talent is a wonderful thing and IU is loaded with lots of talent.

Its fun to watch IU basketball again (and it was while they were losing – Coach Crean never lost his cool even though he was dealt a really bad hand for three years).

The other fun part was watching with my dad. He is in Thailand right now so can’t watch games in the middle of the night. But they looked good dad! They looked really good!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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