The honey words…
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The words

like honey clinging to a spoon

holding on and

extending into long

syllables fall

into the tea.

“Its imported tea.” the voice says

but you see the box

the label

the tax stamp

before the words

you are wrapped around the falling honey

embedded in the amber liquid

as it slides into the hot water.

Trapped in a whirlpool


by a swirling spoon you


deeper into the warmth

heading towards

the last drop of honey

as the liquid drowns out

the word tea

and the light closes around you

leaving a memory

of the long


dripping words.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

My Amazon author page!!!!

Taxes underway – without a house to take mortgage interest off my taxes this is going to be a painful year. Anyone know what countries don’t have income taxes? (THIS IS A JOKE)

I’ve noticed lately that a couple of earnings reports (Facebook and Google) talk about the upcoming issues that advertisers have with mobile devices. Not as much screen to sell their wares on.


Listen guys, we’ve put up with full screen television ads for years. My screen real estate on my mobile devices is another story completely. First off I don’t buy something unless I have a compelling need (sometimes by the way that compelling need can be the gee wow factor but not very often). I have a limited amount of space on my computer, tablet and smart phone screens. Very limited in fact and I am not sure that the impact of you taking over that screen is me suddenly deciding to change my buying patterns.

In fact I think it actually may have a negative impact. My screenestate is small. My desire to be influenced by ads on a mobile device is small. Sure there are things friends send me that I check out. But that is normally in a chat or email. Seldom do my friends take over my screen and force me to view something they have made. Sometimes they send me great pictures but I choose to open the picture and view it. Yes you will argue that in fact I choose to go to the web site but if I do I am looking for something. If I use a free service (like the storage service Box) I am willing while using the free service to have images and ads on my screen because there is something in it for me.

Perhaps that is the reality of the new screenestate process. If you give me something I need, I will let you be on my mobile screen. If you don’t then please note the no trespassing sign on my mobile device.

This land is my land. This land is your land. But my freaking mobile screen is my freaking mobile screen. I will invite you on it if you have value for me.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Come on man let’s all just get along!
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How is a call for equality for all not be an olive branch to everyone? I just don’t understand the derisive politics in our country right now. From Gun reform to the national debt no one seems to have a willingness to even consider working together. Every speech by every single politico requires an immediate negative response.

I was working yesterday so in the end I read the speech given by President Obama and saw the media bytes that were extracted so I don’t know if the entire speech was read in a sarcastic tone. The parts I saw were not but in fairness reading a speech is different than listening to a speech.

Equality in particular equal treatment under the law is a grand and noble pursuit. It applies to all and of course it applies to all equally. So going forward with a  grand agenda based on making all people equal is what we as a country should have been doing the past 40 years anyway. We are not about the 1%, the 47% or for that matter any other percentage of any other group. We are one nation bound together and equality is our dream.

After all the lady in the harbor doesn’t say “give me my choice of the poor, the sick and the lost and from that I will build a nation.” It simply states in the inscription at her base give me your poor, your infirm (let’s add unwanted because frankly most of the first settlers of the US were unwanted in Europe as well) and from these I will make a nation.

To use a quote from Chris Carter of ESPN “Come on man…” and add in Rodney King “all just get along” to make a new rallying cry for our country “come on man let’s all just get along.”

Peace Out.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Beyond one national day of giving…
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Inauguration Day – simply amazing. The pageantry of this day is similar to a Royal Wedding. Just a wonderful expression of the wonder and glory that is our democratic process.

My mother for many years gave me a “blank of the day calendar” Dilbert one year, word of the day another year. I had that on my desk every year and faithfully read each page. Not because my mother gave it to me (that was important of course) but rather that it was something interesting. I was wondering if a technology of the day spotlight might be an interesting blog topic to undergo.

When I was a school teacher I struggled (it was the dawn of the personal computer age) to bring technology into the classroom in a meaningful way. My students and I built dinosaur HyperCard stacks (with the sounds of dinosaurs as created by 9 year old minds). We built, calculated and launched model rockets. We used a spreadsheet to track our acid rain experiments with corn. (when the acidity gets too high. corn doesn’t grow as well).

If I had then what I have now, just in my basement I would have been a far more effective change agent.

We should have a program in this country to push the technology to the places that need it. Classrooms need the interactive intelligence of the technologies we have today more than companies do. You see, the workforce of tomorrow is learning today.

What can be done about that?

Educational reform is a two step process. The first step is to excite the top future scientists currently in college to go back and teach for two years. Or perhaps we should make that four years.  You can choose – like many countries you can either spend two years in a helping profession or two years in the military (which is actually a more formalized helping process). Call it national service or whatever you want to call it. Fire-people, police-people, school teachers and the military each representing a two or four year national service commitment. In the book “Starship Troopers” Heinlein paints a society that you cannot vote unless you have served in the military. I like that idea – but would add the additional helping professions. I am not sure that I would have been  good in the military nor would I have the bravery requirement of Fire-Service or Police-Service. I did teach and I suspect the world would be a better place if more people start out with two or four years of service.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Feeling wrapped in cotton
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Today is my little sisters birthday. She was the first person subjected to my stories, so you can thank her if you love Fred and Ed stories, and of course blame me if you don’t, it isn’t her fault.

Happy Birthday Barb.

The anti-histamines make me feel like I am wrapped in cotton. My ear appears to finally be starting to drain but again I feel like I am wrapped in cotton. That isn’t the best feeling on earth.

Started our taxes this weekend. Right now it looks like we owe both state and federal taxes for the first time in more than 20 years. We owed the state of Ohio twice back when we lived in Cincinnati.

Hopefully the amount owed will get smaller.

Cotton boy out


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Sync Day…
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I am tired of feeling drained. Its been four weeks. Geez I am so over this.

Out of the past four weeks I squeaked over 70,000 steps for a week once. I am tried and it is really hard to focus and walk when you are tired. I know I need to but I just don’t feel up to it.

Today is device sync day so I will cut this short. I have to get all my devices synced and ready for the week. Seems strange but it is something I do twice a month and I don’t know why it just seems to suck an entire day.



Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.

A blog of colors…
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So for some reason today I’ve decided to write both blogs in color. I can’t tell you why, I have just made that call. After all it’s a well know secret of the universe that text color is in fact the driving choice search engines make.

Quick Review Office 2013

I have been playing with office 2013 for the past couple of months. I really love the new interface and the applications are really quite useful. MS cleaned up the ribbon and made each of the applications better fit the cloud solution. I can now easily share information with my skydrive, and using some of the other products out there (Gladinet is my personal favorite) I can easily and quickly move information between PC’s.

The overall biggest improvement is in my favorite application, OneNote. From building classes and reference materials to taking notes in a meeting OneNote is an awesome application. It without a doubt my favorite office application. The new solution works really well with my Samsung Tablet, and note taking is even easier than it was in the previous version (and it was good then).

I am also playing with the newest open office (two flavors). Open Office has come a long way, but still remains behind in presentation software and calculation software (PowerPoint and Excel). The word processor has improved to the point where it is a viable alternative to MS Word. OneNote remains an advantage for the Office Suite. Access isn’t an advantage but that is more because I hate Access.



Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow