Living in a 3d world…
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Houses in the DC area are expensive.

And traffic still sucks – so you can’t go to far away from DC.

Oh well.

Taxes (and I still hate them) are nearly done. Each year seems to take a little longer than the year before. Each year I have more deductions and end up paying more and more taxes.

Enough complaining.

I’ve been playing with the new Sony headset. It’s a 3d HDMI headset you can use with a PC, TV or other video/audio source. Its been an interesting experiment. In the end you get a 100 inch television in front of you.

I am waiting for this summer when the new Vuzix will do the same for your iPhone or android phone. That would in the end be the ultimate productivity tool.

I am also waiting for the Leap sensor to release. That is the product that connects to your PC/Macintosh and allows you to interact with the PC like you can the Xbox with connect. I’ve been very disappointed in the improvements Nintendo made – the WiU is a very cool looking device but in the end is just as limited as the Wii. Microsoft hit a home run with Kinect and the other two are still playing catch up.

The 3d world is so close you could almost touch it.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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