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Going to my first NHL game today. I’ve been to WHL and other development league games when I lived in Indiana but this is my first full NHL game. Not a huge hockey fan but will root for the Caps. When all else fails dad always said root for the team that is geographically closest. Grandpa just said root for the Bears. He changed later in life because Grandma started rooting for the Packers so it became root for the Bears if they aren’t playing root for the Packers.

Dad told me to root for IU he didn’t watch and doesn’t watch many professional games.

Now, since its my blog I am going to weigh in on the debate running around right now. LeBron James versus Michael Jordan. Let me say without any equivocation that I am a Bulls and MJ fan. In fairness I am an LJ fan as well. They are very different players. Overall I would say LJ is a better defender and can effectively defend all five positions on the floor. MJ was a great defender but he wasn’t big enough to defend post players. Offensively he remains the greatest player I have ever seen.

So in my book it’s a draw. They really shouldn’t be compared with each other. You could compare Kobe with MJ, and in that one across the board Kobe loses. He isn’t the competitor and frankly doesn’t make the players around him better.  Scottie Pippen was a great player who was all world around MJ. Kobe doesn’t do that for the players around him.

The reason I bring this up is I was thinking of my all lifetime IU great team.  So here is my initial cut at the five greatest IU players by position and their backups.


  • Quinn Buckner and Isiah Thomas
  • (AJ Guyton, Steve Alford and Randy Whitman as backups)


  • Scott May and Calbert Chaney
  • (Alan Henderson, Victor O! and Christian Watford)


  • Kent Benson
  • (Ray Tolbert, Cody Zeller as backups)

These are only players I’ve watched who have stayed two or more years. One and dones are awesome but you don’t’ have the body of work to really rate them as highly.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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