The soundtrack that is our lives…
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There is a Simon and Garfunkel line that has haunted me since the first time I heard it more than 30 years ago. For a poet and a one man band. It doesn’t matter which of their songs it comes from only that the line has rattled around inside my head for years. It is the one line I can’t ever really get rid of. I find myself singing the song at times to myself then I catch myself. Recently I realized that song pops into my head on mornings and days when I don’t feel 100% physically. There are other songs that create or return other affects in my life as well.

Sweet baby James by James Taylor reminds me of a house somewhere in Thailand. Mom and Dad had gone off somewhere leaving me with my friend David. He and I had built a yarn jungle and were playing GI Joe. Actually we were playing Actionman. GI Joe was a US only version of the same toy (Actionman in the rest of the world).

Heart of Gold and Old Man by Neil Young remind of many happy things (reading Lord of the Rings in my room in Thailand in 1972 and many sad things. I thought I had found my heart of gold once, but that ended badly I suspect in the end for both of us. I moved on as I am sure she did.

Neil Young’s a man needs a maid reminds of the house on Madison as Barb and I started our family. I would play the Harvest LP and both Barb and Becca would make fun of a man needing a maid. It is a wonderful memory of that which was.

Songs weave a tapestry that displays the wonderful and sad events of our lives. Each one makes us laugh or cry and shows us a brief history of what was.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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