Shameless Review–Kindle Fire HD!
My Amazon author page!!!!

I’ve been using the new Kindle HD for a bit now, other than accidentally turning on audio books on occasion overall my impression is very good. Amazon now includes ads with the device but you can pay to have them taken off. I love being able to easily sit down in my chair and relax with any type of media I want.

Overall compared to the iPad its no contest. The Kindle as a media device however is exceptional. I suspect they have to advertise it against the iPad but that seems to me to be a losing battle.

What I really like:

  • Great integration with what I have already on the Kindle – all my books!
  • Great integration with Audible. Now I really have all my books in one place.
  • Integration with Amazon prime instant video rocks!
  • Great integration with the Amazon cloud drives – adds music to what I can choose to interact with.

What I would like to see changed:

  • The interface is a bit sensitive (see my launching audio books accidentally crack above)

With mini-hdmi out it does have some interesting options and of course rather than a unique Apple connector Amazon did adopt a standard USB charging and connection port. I love being able to carry one cable. Overall the screen is impressive and easily used. It weighs about the same as the kindle so there isn’t a huge Delta there. With 64 gig of memory I have room for all books and audible files locally – I keep my music collection in the Amazon cloud so I don’t have to do additional storage. The Amazon cloud is much easier to use cross platform (Macintosh/PC/Ipad/Kindle) so I’ve been using it as my primary cross sharing platform.

I love the device overall. I am moving away from the Swiss Army good enough approach and looking more for best in class solutions now. Overall if you are a kindle user and are considering the upgrade – this is the one. If you aren’t into ebooks yet, just imagine carrying your entire library with you wherever you go – its very nice!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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