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For father’s day this year I got a whiteboard. I am not sure why but ever since I was little and used to go to my dad’s office (he had a chalkboard in his office) I have been in love with the original reusable media. I connected that whiteboard to my computer with the ebeam software. It is amazing to have a whiteboard connected with the rest of the world. My next project is to use the idea paint (paint that acts like a whiteboard) to create a screen so I can interact with projected images. Why? Because I can, but also in terms of training and other capabilities it really adds value.

Why write this today? Yahoo’s new CEO just ended telecommuting for many workers saying the face to face meetings were more critical in the long run. I think in the end that is very short sighted. Now in the best sense of fairness when you are on a sinking ship you don’t stop to think about where the ship was going, you think about how many people can I get on board bailing. So I guess I do in fact partially see why the CEO would pull back the reins. On the other hand in the new digital economy the creation of large campus based application development teams would seem to be counter-intuitive.

If you goal is to create something that simulates how users will interact with it, aren’t you better off having a mobile team building the solution? The images we have of developers (working all night while drinking ‘dew) are as iconic as they are real. If the goal is to develop as the user would use the application then it seems to me apps should be built at Starbucks and the park not at a corporate campus. How can you solve remote users problems without being a remote user?

It seems to me that in the end ending telecommuting limits your future developers.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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