Fun day Saturday…plus brackets!
My Amazon author page!!!!

Wonderful day yesterday – went on a family walk (sans the bean who was working a double). Then off to Chipotle for dinner (burrito bowl – fewer calories and all the taste) then home for the fabulous movie Mouse Hunt staring the amazing actor Nathan Lane. Bean came home just after the movie started so we all ended up on the big bed watching the movie. Dylan was frustrated having all the children on his bed and ended up moving to the end of the bed, he wouldn’t get off, its his bed after all.

IU is playing Temple today. I remember back in the day, with John Chaney as the coach of Temple. They were always a tough out and this time will be the same. The first number 1 fell (Gonzaga) but I didn’t have them making it out of the region in most of my brackets.  Still it messed one up completely (where I had them in the final four).

One bracket is completely dead (New Mexico and Georgetown in the final four). It would take a miracle for that one to even be in the 40% range. It is at 30.5 right now, and I suspect slipping from there.

Still a few brackets are alive.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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