New book–and a question…
My Amazon author page!!!!

I am starting a collection of digital pictures – the view from my home or work office. Feel free to send me a picture. I will publish the book on the Kindle and will send all contributors a copy of the book. It’s called “The Office View Book.” and yes the double entendre is well intentional.

If you want to include a view of the inside of your office (you won’t get one from me –) that works also.

No one will have their name with their pictures for privacy etc.

IU won over the weekend. I have  a couple of thoughts on the game. First, there are players in the NCAA and in the NBA that believe they are fouled on every shot, and some of them fouled every time they touch the ball. Referees should call many more technical fouls on that behavior as it really isn’t part of the game. Got it that you are a great player, but play through incidental contact. There is no academy award for basketball fouls yet, someday maybe but for now, no.

Speaking of the games I’ve watched. While I enjoy the NCAA and letting them play I now have a very serious concern. As you watch the games you see one team or another very successful at acquiring offensive rebounds. You will also note, right before the rebound that the defensive player moves towards the basket very quickly and often in a stumbling manner. Given that the vast majority of basketball players are extremely athletic and very graceful it is highly doubtful that defensive rebound stumbling disease strikes all of them virtually every game. In fact I would propose that the offensive player who suddenly acquires the rebound, because of the newly created vacant space is actually pushing off which is why they got the rebound.

Perhaps a little more attention to the game and less to the pageantry for the officials?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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