Let’s vote on it…

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Today is an interesting day. Proposition 8 the California law that defines marriage as a man and a woman has made it to the desks of the supreme court justices. The first reality is that no matter what the Supreme Court will not make or define marriage for the entire country they will simply rule on the legality of proposition 8. While that will have legal precedent it will only begin the fight.

Since 2007 the support for the DOMA and other marriage acts has begun to erode. More than 54% of America’s polled believe that marriage is a right for all couples not simply those who fit into the DOMA definition. That said, it is a long fight before it is over. A majority in this country simply means that the other side will begin to attack – which they should as that is the democratic process.

So, let’s do this. ERA was an amendment to the constitution that expressed a desire to legally force companies and the government to give women equal rights and protection under the law. Let’s, as a country vote on what is right for marriage. Let’s not argue it, let’s simply have both sides present their case and then as a nation vote. The majority of American’s deserve the right to stand up and be counted regarding this issue.

Anyway – my 2 cents worth.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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