No, Nick your apple is gone…
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IU played their worst game of the season and Syracuse played their best game of the tournament – congrats to the Orange. They won and frankly they deserved to win.

We did not find Nick’s long lost apple in the ocean this time either. It may be time to tell Nick that the Apple I threw overboard from the cruise ship 8 years ago is no longer around and in fact he can stop saying “apple, ocean” every time he sees a body of water.

Its interesting our change. Barb has always loved the ocean, and now that we are near we go at least twice a year for a few days each year. Its interesting but the ocean is a very restful place. The other side of ocean trips is that for the most part one of us gets sick. This time it was Luke, when we went to Destin Florida it was Barb. When we went to Charlestown South Carolina it was Luke. When we went to the Dunes State Park in Indiana it was me (not the ocean but a large body of water with sand). There may be a story there. Although when we went to Delaware no one was sick.

Lots to do today – have to call insurance companies and sort it all out.

At least I got the taxes filed, finally.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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