Happy Birthday to all (and to all a good night)…

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16 years ago this was my dad’s birthday. It’s still his birthday – Happy Birthday dad!!!!!

Then 15 years ago the boys arrived. For those who don’t know their original due date was in May. My mother always thought they would arrive on her birthday. They arrived on my dad’s birthday, early as twins often are.

15 years.

It doesn’t seem possible. The tiny little guys I held in my hands (literally) are now taller than Barb. There was a time (Halo 1) when I ruled the family Halo games. Then for a time, I was second best (Jackie beat me – used to say “poppy where are you.”) then in the past four or so years I really can’t beat any of them, and the boys are better than Jackie.

So what did they want for their birthday this year? New computers, and a day where they were just allowed to play video games. I however will not be playing Halo, I enjoy video games where I actually get to look around and then fire, not regen and run. While Rest and Relaxation are fun (R&R) Regen and RUN (RE & R) is not very fun.

When the boys were little they were so small – now they are not small. However as they have grown I have to say it is intriguing now what they think about. I find myself engaging more and more with them in long deep conversations about the way the world really works. I am amazed not only at their overall depth of understanding but also the color they add to the world around them.

I am proud of my young men.

Happy birthday guys!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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