Irony day…
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I decided today was irony day. I switched my digital watch face to an analog watch face. A purely digital analog watch. Yeah I know, its not much in the irony department but I have a whole day ahead of me.

That is something I miss from my teaching career. 100’s day or 1000’s day, lots of fun to see what imaginations can come up with when dealing with large quantities of something. 100 pennies – mundane, plebian, I am looking for 100 jelly beans (for the teacher of course) or 100 pictures of IU Basketball players. You know, something of promise. I miss those theme days.

When I was teaching school I felt that the day that passed (Earth Day) was one of critical importance. On my more serious blog I’ve spent the past two days considering how to become more green and the concept of energy savings. It is the promise of cloud computing, those energy and CO2 savings. One year my students and I spent all of Earth Day outside, walking around our school and collecting garbage. We checked with the janitors first, but we put on a show in the auditorium of our school with all the trash we collected. Most of the parents didn’t get it, as the kids talked about what they had found.

That day we collected more than 20 full garbage bags of trash. Some were so heavy that we had to ask the fifth graders to help us lift them and get them arranged on the stage. There wasn’t room for the kids. I hope they got the message that day.

So today is Irony day…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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