Fun day, Friday
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Change is always a hard thing.

Not being able to finish what you start however can be even worse. Last night my favorite show (great comedy wonderful characters) The Big Bang Theory delved into the reality of not being able to finish what you started.

Sheldon is accused by Amy (ersatz girlfriend) that he cannot allow things to be unfinished. The resulting comedy is incredible as we see two characters (Penny, facing her own reality, Sheldon unable to let go) end up focusing on their problems and dealing with them. In the end, Penny accepts her problems and prepares to move on. Sheldon, however, as is his wont simply plays along and then later redoes everything he wasn’t allowed to finish.

Great comedies focus on the things we cannot change about ourselves. Our worse the things we wish we could change and are unable to do so over and over. It is what makes the comedy funny and what makes it stick in our heads.

I have way more to do today, on a Friday than I normally do so its time to get rolling.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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