T-Minus 4 days.

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Be careful what you choose. There was a commercial for 7up years ago (the cola nut, and the uncola nut) that was always thought provoking, which do you choose?

The why of this is of course the thing that is intriguing. There are people I know who make that choice in a different way, choosing to be angry. They say (in defense of their actions) that they feel powerless therefore the anger is their way of dealing with that. But anger and explosions of anger have nothing to do with being powerless.

Certainly the very first time you are in a disagreement with someone and you lose your temper then and only then can you claim you don’t have power. Every time after that? Then you are exerting your power.

We are four days from closing on our new house. There is so much to do as we are, 22 days from being moved from where we are to where we will be. Its an exciting journey!!

Of course family and friends – we do have a guest room and we are not that far from the Red Line (Shady Grove) that takes you right into the heart of DC.

We are also near the S. Germantown Recreation area, which is very exciting. They have year round swimming and a even have a field dedicated to cricket. I haven’t played cricket since I lived in Thailand. We use to play on a sand bar on the beach. We also played at the school I went to as part of our PE class.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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