Weekend Wrap-up Edition

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The boys have been doing spiritual reading on the weekends (yes at our request). So I am doing the same thing. Right now my other blog is focused on the travelers story. Depending upon your personal religious beliefs it is either a retelling of an old story or the new presentation of old information.

Dylan hurt his neck. No strenuous activity for the next 30 days. I am not sure who it impacted more me or him. Our walks are a time for me to unwind and I feel guilty walking without him so I am using the treadmill. It is not as much fun and frankly I don’t get as much thinking done on the treadmill as I do walking with Dylan.

Fran had her 12th birthday over the weekend. The old girl has been a fixture in our family since she joined us in Indiana. Although it is not recommended that you feed her by hand, unless you are able to regrow fingers.

We went to a wedding yesterday. A co-worker of Barb’s got married. The topic of conversation around our table (and I suspect most the other tables as well “the ice breaker” )how long it took to get there. I realized how annoying it must have been for my mother – we always lived further away from my parents than the other kids did (admittedly a 1/2 mile further away for 12 of the past 14 years) but we were always late to family events.

Sorry Mom.

Still, we went 270 North, and just past where we turned on you could see a mile of brake lights ahead of us. We escapted a 25 or 30 minute delay by one exit on a Sunday afternoon. DC has horrible traffic. We ended up arriving just a little after the original start time so in the end we were successful in getting there (5 minutes late). Again, Sorry mom.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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