Moving, a song I know well
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In the end what do you do?

Today is closing day. After nearly two years of not owning a home, we once again will be home owners by around 1 pm. Interesting tidbit the longest job I’ve had (around 15 years) and the longest single place I’ve lived (Greenwood) overlapped each other. We moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Greenwood while I was working for Microsoft. We owned our house in Greenwood for 7 months after I worked for Lockheed. So the two are a huge overlap. Dumb Andersen trivia.

I have moved a number of times in my life. 2 times while living in Chicago (one of those was moving to Indiana). I moved 13 more times (to Indiana and then I moved 4 times while in Ohio. Two of the Indiana moves were to Bangkok Thailand and then home again. We moved back to Indiana and then we moved to Maryland and in about 20 days we are moving one more time. The number over the course of my life is pretty staggering. 22 times in 52 years. The longest span in any one location was 26 years in Indiana. The longest in any one house was 12 years. Goofy numbers but just something to think about. My kids have moved far less than I did as a kid, but

When you add to that the countries I have visited (enough to fill a passport in 10 years the life of a passport) it becomes interesting. The only thing I regret is letting my kids grow up while I was away. But that is for another day.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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