Pebble and back to Kickstarter
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Its official. We didn’t have to hitch our wagons and ride into the sun to get our homestead although that might have been more exciting than sitting in a room and signing papers all morning but it is official now we again have a homestead. In fact our third state for a homestead (Indiana, Ohio and Maryland.)

One week with the pebble watch

First off, there are a number of “smart” watches now on the market. Each of them has a unique place in the market to date. The metawatch gives you far more information per screen. The pebble has a more sleek look and the newest one that I just saw on Kickstarter is heading more towards the stylish end of the market. If you haven’t been – check out Kickstarter!

What I really like

  • good battery life
  • connection to the notifications I need (sms and phone)
  • screen is clean and easy to read
  • updates via the iPhone

What I don’t like

  • strap and watch actually feel flimsy
  • notifications don’t always dismiss themselves.

Overall if you are looking for a smart watch and don’t want to wait for the Google watch and the iWatch you can’t go wrong with the Pebble. Its stylish and easy to setup and use. It actually has a number of interesting features coming as well. It moves me closer to my desired state of the screen as a service. I suspect every step we take in that direction will continue to change the world more than almost any other large technology change in the next few years. Certainly cloud is a very cool thing and enables the broader concepts of ubiquitous computing, but to me if you can’t see it or act on it, it really doesn’t help me. The screen is the tripping block right now.

Two Excellent Kickstarter projects

DXB- Walkie/Talkie dock for iPhone and Android. A handheld integrated device that allows you to connect to the various amateur radio bands, via the RF and via IP using your IPhone or Android device. This project fits into the extremely cool tech innovation category. It’s a little more $400 to get one, but what you get is pretty amazing!

The GoStacked System allows users to attach different device cards on the Hybrid Smart Case to provide additional functions. This is another amazing project, with the ability to add virtually anything to your iPhone. Simply slide on the case and you have solar power or a hard drive or an extended life battery. Amazing!!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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