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I am really looking forward to heading down to Hilton Head in August. I can’t say how much I need a break right now. There is a ton of stuff going on and its really fun but I am tired. Between moving, work and transitioning the boys to summer I am tired.

We sat in the hot tub last night, Barb, Luke and I. We had a very nice time relaxing. Its really fun to be able to slide into a hot tub again. I now remember how much I love the hot tub in Indiana.

We have a sauna/steam shower in the basement. I am going to have to try that one soon.

My Kickstarter project for June :  Poppy

Turn your iPhone into a 3d camera.

What is it?

Poppy lets you capture and share the world the way you really experience it: in three dimensions. Have you ever wished you could record a moment, and share it so someone else could feel like they were there, too? Well, now you can.

I see a huge market for these guys, in particular combining panorama and 3-d with the iPhone for realtors and other professionals who need to offer tours of a specific location. Or, for that matter training videos for people to leverage that allow you to see all sides of an object with depth.

Interesting new reality with your cellular phone. With just a few low cost attachments you can actually have a Macro Camera (close) infrared camera (heat and heat loss), 3d camera and attach it to your binoculars for a long distance camera. All, with your iPhone. 1 small bag full of attachments that allow you to change the world. I have a dear friend who used to call me the King of add on gadgets. Well, he was rightSmile.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Thinking back…
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My ex-wife once told me “you should sell your computer, its not worth what you paid for it.” She meant that computers in general wouldn’t turn out to be of value for me. Beyond a number of other factors please note that the ex is in front of the wife. She was very angry with me at the end of our relationship and for that I am sorry. I do also, forgive her.

It used to make me sad to think about my first marriage. It felt like a failure for many years. It doesn’t anymore. Now it just feels like a mistake. Love is a complicated thing that requires time, investment and willingness to change.

I left teaching in 1991. I left Indiana the second time in 1991 (first time was Thailand). Since I left teaching technology has been the focus and nexus of everything I’ve done. Sorry MCK, you were wrong.

Computers are a core component of what I do for a living.

Now if I could only train my Labrador not to pout while I am on the computer.

I miss the connection tones of a 9600 baud modem.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

When is enough, enough…
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If one considers from beginning to end everything that encompasses what we think happens (before the event) and what actually happened how often are we really right?

Random Thoughts:

  • Why is the last left turn always the best turn of a drive?
  • Why do garbage cans seem to always be next to mailboxes?
  • Why do hammocks never sway with the wind?
  • Why doesn’t my grill door close all the way?
  • Why does grilled food taste so much better than non-grilled food?
  • Why so many why random questions today?

Its why day!

why is the sky blue?

I am researching a bunch of things today and realized all I have done since last night is ask why questions. I am not sure when my question maker broke and could only formulate why questions, but it happened yesterday sometime.

Question: if a rolling stone gather’s no moss, and Sisyphus was pushing his rock up the hill (over and over) did it ever get moss?

Question: when is it time to say enough is enough?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Replace Mainframes with Human Frames…
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I have, expressed a number of times, as a technologist a feeling that I like so many around me are Ozmandias. You can look but you won’t see anything our works are below ground. There is no impressive tower with flashing lights saying “we built this.” You can look for our works ye mighty but in the end that will only bring despair.

We’ve moved things from the mighty mainframes to the cloud. The cloud is a perfect description of what we’ve migrated it, it is real (in a far away data center) but no longer under our thumbs. In the mainframe days there was almost a religious zeal about computing (thou shalt not touch yon mainframe in all its shimmering glory). We built data centers around the mainframe.

Really, we were building the first clouds with the mainframes. The concept of remote computing began with the mainframe. Certainly we evaluated the concepts of that initial computing process and realized we needed to offset and offload some of the processing. So we started distributing servers. The interesting thing about distributing anything is the reality of management. It is a tradition in my family to hide candy and eggs for Easter. Many families have that tradition. We distribute the eggs and candy and the kids run to find it. The reality is like disturbed computing we find Easter eggs many weeks after Easter that we had either forgotten where we put them initially, or they were accidentally moved or moved on purpose. Distributed computing brought the reduction of the mainframe and increased the value of operations teams.

I am not a futurist. I do not claim to have a view into what may be. I am simply rehashing what we have done to this point. We built great buildings around mainframes that we tore down. Then we realized (mostly by smell) that we had missed some of the eggs we had distributed. So we started consolidating them back into data centers and called them “clouds.”

We went from all hail the tape librarian to all hail the ITSM lead. Yet we push onward. What lies beyond that we do not see now? Applications. I started my career in IT as an email and collaboration person. I worked with much smarter people than I to build a mail system and a Lotus Notes system that well just worked. We leveraged the Notes Directory and the Novell directories to provide user logins, installation of critical software and access to our network. In the center of the network I built was a softswitch box that provided SMTP, connection to MSMail, Lotus Notes Mail and CCMail. All the mail systems were running in different sections of the company. We added MS Exchange in the end. The system, though a diamond (everything going to the tip before going back out to the edges) worked.

You see I wonder if that is coming back. In my book “The Syncverse” I talk about the concept of the Myverse, a place that is dedicated to me. The concept of a personal cloud. But as I think about the concept of the Internet of things, and the Myverse I begin to realize that your personal cloud may be all around you all the time. Devices becoming less independent and more about services. IE your television as a service. Your refrigerator as a service. Your personal cloud extended to all the personal devices you own in your house, at work and at play.

A future, like the past built around a computing device. Just replace mainframe with a human frame.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Shameless Review–Hot TUB!
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I owned a pool and a hot tub in Indiana for 10 years. I owned a pool in Cincinnati. Living now in a Maryland Neighborhood with a pool, priceless. But I have found in the past two years that I miss the hot tub.

Shameless Review:

Jacuzzi j315 Hot Tub

So we added to the new house, a wonderful new Hot Tub. Previously we had purchased a locally made hot tub. Now we went with the name brand – a 3 person hot tub.

What I love

  • Colored lights
  • AC – not 220 plug
  • smaller
  • easy to remove top

What I don’t like

  • chlorine based

Hot Tubs are an intensely personal choice. The what and how of the hot tub is critical. Overall my impression with the Jacuzzi to date is why did I wait so long. Not that I am dishing my first hot tub, it was great for what we needed then. This is a more personal hot tub. The only thing you can’t get on the J315 that I really wanted was the built in stereo. But for 2500 bucks, I can always cart my portable music system outdoors.

Ahh – the gentle refreshing sound of the waterfall is lulling me into the quiet hot tub relaxed frame of mind.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Are we a house divided?
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I posted a quote from Abraham Lincoln and a question from me on both twitter and Facebook. I didn’t create a hash tag blip on twitter but I got quite a few responses in both places. Not mind you, that my question was worthy of inclusion with Lincoln’s quote, rather that it seems to me that history is repeating itself right in front of us.

The quote from Lincoln “A house divided upon itself cannot stand” has a lot of intent as well as meaning. In his case Lincoln was trying to launch the healing that are nation needed post the Civil War.  You can argue, and many historians do that Lincoln took too much power from congress into the executive mansion. Desperate times don’t call for uneasy hands at the tiller.

Are we nearing that now? The Congress of the United States is far from United. The Senate chases after issues that aren’t anywhere near what the House is chasing after. We certainly have people on both sides that agree, but we don’t seem right now to have people on either side who are willing to compromise. “I come not” in the words of Mark Anthony “to praise “congress”” rather to…” change it.

Have we become a nation of isolated pockets?

Are we in effect 300 million + Don Quixote’s each tilting at our own individual wind mills? I get that there are distinct problems in our country. Some of which by the way have been here for more than 30 years (read a nation at risk, a report that detailed what was wrong with education 30 years ago). we are sliding in STEM education. We have become the world’s policeman. Not the UN as the policeman, for what that group was originally founded (to be a single unified peacekeeping and educational force in the world).

we have the most expensive healthcare in the world. Please don’t comment on my blog saying “see Obama care is expensive” because the healthcare costs we have today are pre-OBAMACARE. If that program does or doesn’t raise prices is yet to be seen. Our Healthcare is far to expensive, there is waste and inequality, inefficiency in that system as well as simply outright profit taking that has to be stopped somehow.

We spent our way out of the last recession.

We’ve created a nation from those who struggled. We as a nation stand for unity and purpose. We put a human being on the Moon. Its time to change the world again…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

Random memory access Monday…
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If you set out to count all the grains of sand on a beach what is in the end your goal? Is there a rational end to what you are seeking and if so why? Just a question that bounced around in my head all day yesterday.

Weekend total:  5 boxes unpacked

                            9 pictures hung

Oh well. Could have been more but I had a cold most of the week so it was nice to sleep in, and catch up on the rest I needed.

Random Thoughts:

  • How do people organize before packing so that you don’t have to organize as you are unpacking?
  • What does organization really mean.
  • Why do some people have to press the walk button 22 times?
  • Why do flowers smell so nice but die so quickly?
  • Why do hot tubs feel so good? Is it the 360 degree warming of your body? Or is it the immersion? What makes them so effective?
  • What lies at the bottom of the brown eyes of a Labrador? Will we ever know?
  • All dogs are smart – they don’t have to go to work, they get a to stay home and sleep all day. That’s why it’s a dogs life!
  • I was happy to see the Heat win – why? I really like the way D-Wade and LeBron play basketball together. They remind me of watching the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. There was once a fast break between Quinn Buckner and Bobby Wilkerson where the ball never touched the hardwood via dribbling resulting in a Wilkerson layup. The perfection of basketball that LeBron and D-Wade have.
  • I feel D-Wade’s knee pain – mine hurt all the time.

Not sure where these random thoughts come from – but they dance around in my head until I share them, sorry.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow