Are we a house divided?
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I posted a quote from Abraham Lincoln and a question from me on both twitter and Facebook. I didn’t create a hash tag blip on twitter but I got quite a few responses in both places. Not mind you, that my question was worthy of inclusion with Lincoln’s quote, rather that it seems to me that history is repeating itself right in front of us.

The quote from Lincoln “A house divided upon itself cannot stand” has a lot of intent as well as meaning. In his case Lincoln was trying to launch the healing that are nation needed post the Civil War.  You can argue, and many historians do that Lincoln took too much power from congress into the executive mansion. Desperate times don’t call for uneasy hands at the tiller.

Are we nearing that now? The Congress of the United States is far from United. The Senate chases after issues that aren’t anywhere near what the House is chasing after. We certainly have people on both sides that agree, but we don’t seem right now to have people on either side who are willing to compromise. “I come not” in the words of Mark Anthony “to praise “congress”” rather to…” change it.

Have we become a nation of isolated pockets?

Are we in effect 300 million + Don Quixote’s each tilting at our own individual wind mills? I get that there are distinct problems in our country. Some of which by the way have been here for more than 30 years (read a nation at risk, a report that detailed what was wrong with education 30 years ago). we are sliding in STEM education. We have become the world’s policeman. Not the UN as the policeman, for what that group was originally founded (to be a single unified peacekeeping and educational force in the world).

we have the most expensive healthcare in the world. Please don’t comment on my blog saying “see Obama care is expensive” because the healthcare costs we have today are pre-OBAMACARE. If that program does or doesn’t raise prices is yet to be seen. Our Healthcare is far to expensive, there is waste and inequality, inefficiency in that system as well as simply outright profit taking that has to be stopped somehow.

We spent our way out of the last recession.

We’ve created a nation from those who struggled. We as a nation stand for unity and purpose. We put a human being on the Moon. Its time to change the world again…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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