Shameless Review–Hot TUB!
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I owned a pool and a hot tub in Indiana for 10 years. I owned a pool in Cincinnati. Living now in a Maryland Neighborhood with a pool, priceless. But I have found in the past two years that I miss the hot tub.

Shameless Review:

Jacuzzi j315 Hot Tub

So we added to the new house, a wonderful new Hot Tub. Previously we had purchased a locally made hot tub. Now we went with the name brand – a 3 person hot tub.

What I love

  • Colored lights
  • AC – not 220 plug
  • smaller
  • easy to remove top

What I don’t like

  • chlorine based

Hot Tubs are an intensely personal choice. The what and how of the hot tub is critical. Overall my impression with the Jacuzzi to date is why did I wait so long. Not that I am dishing my first hot tub, it was great for what we needed then. This is a more personal hot tub. The only thing you can’t get on the J315 that I really wanted was the built in stereo. But for 2500 bucks, I can always cart my portable music system outdoors.

Ahh – the gentle refreshing sound of the waterfall is lulling me into the quiet hot tub relaxed frame of mind.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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