When is enough, enough…

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If one considers from beginning to end everything that encompasses what we think happens (before the event) and what actually happened how often are we really right?

Random Thoughts:

  • Why is the last left turn always the best turn of a drive?
  • Why do garbage cans seem to always be next to mailboxes?
  • Why do hammocks never sway with the wind?
  • Why doesn’t my grill door close all the way?
  • Why does grilled food taste so much better than non-grilled food?
  • Why so many why random questions today?

Its why day!

why is the sky blue?

I am researching a bunch of things today and realized all I have done since last night is ask why questions. I am not sure when my question maker broke and could only formulate why questions, but it happened yesterday sometime.

Question: if a rolling stone gather’s no moss, and Sisyphus was pushing his rock up the hill (over and over) did it ever get moss?

Question: when is it time to say enough is enough?


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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