Thinking back…
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My ex-wife once told me “you should sell your computer, its not worth what you paid for it.” She meant that computers in general wouldn’t turn out to be of value for me. Beyond a number of other factors please note that the ex is in front of the wife. She was very angry with me at the end of our relationship and for that I am sorry. I do also, forgive her.

It used to make me sad to think about my first marriage. It felt like a failure for many years. It doesn’t anymore. Now it just feels like a mistake. Love is a complicated thing that requires time, investment and willingness to change.

I left teaching in 1991. I left Indiana the second time in 1991 (first time was Thailand). Since I left teaching technology has been the focus and nexus of everything I’ve done. Sorry MCK, you were wrong.

Computers are a core component of what I do for a living.

Now if I could only train my Labrador not to pout while I am on the computer.

I miss the connection tones of a 9600 baud modem.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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