Kickstarter project of the month…
My Amazon author page!!!!

I am really looking forward to heading down to Hilton Head in August. I can’t say how much I need a break right now. There is a ton of stuff going on and its really fun but I am tired. Between moving, work and transitioning the boys to summer I am tired.

We sat in the hot tub last night, Barb, Luke and I. We had a very nice time relaxing. Its really fun to be able to slide into a hot tub again. I now remember how much I love the hot tub in Indiana.

We have a sauna/steam shower in the basement. I am going to have to try that one soon.

My Kickstarter project for June :  Poppy

Turn your iPhone into a 3d camera.

What is it?

Poppy lets you capture and share the world the way you really experience it: in three dimensions. Have you ever wished you could record a moment, and share it so someone else could feel like they were there, too? Well, now you can.

I see a huge market for these guys, in particular combining panorama and 3-d with the iPhone for realtors and other professionals who need to offer tours of a specific location. Or, for that matter training videos for people to leverage that allow you to see all sides of an object with depth.

Interesting new reality with your cellular phone. With just a few low cost attachments you can actually have a Macro Camera (close) infrared camera (heat and heat loss), 3d camera and attach it to your binoculars for a long distance camera. All, with your iPhone. 1 small bag full of attachments that allow you to change the world. I have a dear friend who used to call me the King of add on gadgets. Well, he was rightSmile.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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