One bad apple spoils the whole bunch and sometimes more…
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I love music. For most of my life I have listened to two types of music. Rock and Classical. Although the type of rock and roll I like is now called classical rock so I have to be careful about what I in the end call the music I love. Predominantly Neil Young and various classical artists.

As a teenager I loved listening to Dr. Demento, sadly yes when he was originally live on the air. Twisted bizarre songs that stay with you for years. I like playing music on a keyboard and am struggling to learn guitar.

I did, many years ago love to listen to music. I actually watched the Osmond and Jackson cartoons on Sunday morning. The Osmond’s because of one song. Bad Apple.

“One Bad Apple don’t spoil the whole bunch girl.”

After many years I can honestly say, that is not true.  One bad apple can make a whole mess of not only the bunch that apple is in but every other bunch. One bad apple can ruin everything.

Sure one doesn’t mean all are rotten. But it also means that all have the stench of rotten on them.

One bad apple can make a lot of people uncomfortable.

I was thinking back to all the different anti-patterns and patterns I’ve posted trying to see if there was in fact a bad apple pattern or a bad apple anti-pattern. It sadly depends on the dynamics of the particular group rather than the specific person. Any pattern or anti-pattern at the wrong place and time can create the bad apple problem.

Oh well. Another childhood illusion shattered. One bad apple does spoil the bunch.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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