I feel old

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For some reason the very thought of my sons entering high school at the end of this summer is bugging me. I don’t quite know why just that it is bothering me. Seems strange that in the next 10 or so years we will have an empty house. The sounds of fighting which now seem so jarring will be gone. What sound will bother me the most then, silence?

The journey begins with the first step.

I was in Toronto Canada when Barb called me. We were awaiting confirmation that she was pregnant in 1997. We had decided to have one last child for the road. She started the conversation with are you sitting down. At the time and the moment it seemed like an odd way to start the conversation and I wasn’t sitting down. Later I would wish I had been, but luckily in the hotel room there were any sharp corners.

“We are having twins.” was the next line. I did in fact fall back onto the bed and scrambled to pick up the phone.

You hear so many people say “I just want twins so I can be one pregnancy and done.” It isn’t that easy. Barb was on bed rest from week 13 and on. Actual stay in bed, don’t get up bed rest. Jackie was a little kid but she hopped right in to take care of her mommy. She was so excited to have a little set of twin sisters. (later when she found out we were having boys around week 18, she was determined to name them “Phil and Lil” from the rug rats. I think Barb would have gone crazy without Jackie there helping and taking care of her.

Twins are different. No they don’t have their own language that they use to exclude all others but they do have a natural rhythm that is the same. They walk the same pace, often side by side.

Luke and Nick arrived in March 1998. Suddenly they are only 1.2 months from high school and frankly I feel old.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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