Better portable dog watering system…
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Recently the boys and I have been playing with portable dog watering devices for our walks. When it is really hot, Dylan gets uncomfortable. You can understand that his only method of cooling is panting which dehydrates a dog very quickly. So we’ve tried a number of them.

Most of them are poorly made. We’ve bought a couple that were a great idea but really poor execution. They lasted two walks and then were dead.

We found one that was intriguing but its design is lacking. We modified it with duct tape so that the bottle would stay in place.  It isn’t pretty but in the end it is effective.

Why is it that its so hard to build something like this. We’ve looked as I said at several. We’ve sent three back to Amazon simply because they didn’t do the trick.

Maybe I need to design a better one, and then launch a Kickstarter campaign to get them made. We can’t be the only people on earth worried about this particular problem.

Ah the wonder of a 3d printer. I suspect I will see if I can create the right parts to build a better dog watering system Smile


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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