follow up on the leap controller
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Update to the Leap Motion Controller. As noted in the earlier review (PC only) I was and did install the leap motion controller on the Mac. That was accomplished yesterday during an organization break (yes after more than 2 months we are still moving into the house, although now its more finalizing than actual moving. The home theater remains the last room to be formally touched.

Anyway no issues installing on the Macintosh. I have a slightly better desk surface for the Macintosh so I was able to use the controller more easily in space. Overall it was very impressive. Leap has adopted the apple licensing model which remains much nicer than the original Microsoft model (1 software license per machine).

I love the ability to interact with my computer in space.

There are two other projects I am waiting for. One is from Kickstarter and is a stylus and software for drawing on the iPad. I am still convinced that the end game remains somewhat  connected between your hands and the stylus. For the most part I understand Steve Jobs hatred of the pen input, but there is a level of control for us folks who grew up before touch screens that makes all the difference in the world.

So the iPad pen is the first project I am dying for. The next project is the upcoming Google/Vuzix glasses. I’ve seen a number of reviews and all are skeptical but I would like to try those myself. Sometimes reviewers are caught in their own personal view of the world.

#RIPWINP8 is a great example. I’ve seen those devices from inside and out and wonder if there is any life left there. But you have to see my review as being somewhat biased. The person who complains most about smoke in a restaurant? the reformed ex-smoker. In the end I am a #reformedwinphoneuser.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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