Rain rain go away…

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Interesting question posed to me yesterday. What could Noah’s Properties have done that would have made everything all right. Well the initial thought I had was fix the things that didn’t work the first time, and not leave a mess nearly every time they came into the house. (by the way if you are ever in the mood to rent or lease a home, I would think twice before engaging Noah’s “don’t worry we will fix it” Properties.)

But after mulling it for a bit I realized something. The reason I am frustrated with Noah’s is their poor customer service.. That service ranged from not responding to the first email or voicemail, all the way to not fixing problems for more than 18 months. I guess in the end all I needed from them was a simple “hey sorry about the (insert one of many) issues with the repair. Sorry we didn’t disclose a number of issues with the house.” Either or both of those would have been nice. In fact had they even once acknowledged that at best they didn’t do a great job working with us I would have been happy. I didn’t really need them to apologize just work with us. Now its more than an apology to put things right. Injustice is not a fine wine, it doesn’t age well.

Oh well. So the answer is longer than expected but simply had they acknowledged us as human beings I would have been fine.

Progress was made in the basement this weekend, looks like I have about two more weekends of un-packing and I will be done. Then I can have the home theater guys come in and install the home theater equipment.

Interesting question from my kids “why does it always seem to rain while we are walking.” It doesn’t but we managed to get wet two out of the last three times we were walking.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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