23 days…

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July 31st 2013.

23 days now until the boys start high school. It doesn’t flow tripping off the tongue. My sons are nearing the time they will move on. My daughter is very close to that time you can hear it in her voice. She likes being around people right now so that is the one thing that is keeping her at home I suspect. But the reality is she is month’s from moving out. The boys are probably a decade or less from moving out.

What will we do when our house is free and clear of children? First off I suspect move to a smaller house. We have successively moved from largest house (Indiana) to smaller house (Kentland’s) to smaller still house (Germantown) which means when I think about it we have the terror of moving one more time in front of us.

Dylan now has his official personal bed – Fran doesn’t go near it. The strange little dog wants that dog bed under my big principle’s desk (that used to be my father’s). My parent’s gave me the principle desk when we were in Cincinnati Ohio. It has moved with me now 3 times and is still the best desk I have ever had, partially of course because it is now Dylan’s cave, but also because my parents gave it to me.

I learned to read at this desk. And no, for my various smart aleck friends, I didn’t learn to read at this desk last week. I learned to read at this desk almost 47 years ago. My dad introduced me to the wonderful and fantastic world of Dr. Seuss while sitting at this desk. I’ve written the contents of all but three of my books while sitting at this desk. (published books – overall I have a number of books that I’ve written that could never be published they are well at best bad).

23 days.

Do not go gentle into that good night.


Rage against the passing of the light.

Dylan Thomas…


IASA Fellow

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