how many connections is tooooo many?
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I love technology. Perhaps, too much but I do love it. The world has changed around us because of technology. But there are limits.  The new and annoying limit? Hotmail now has a cap on the number of devices that can be connected to Hotmail and synching with that account. I exceeded that count years ago and have tooled along, knowing that as long as you only had one device actively connected at once you were fine. That is no longer the case now it’s the total number of devices not active connections. Oh well.

Its not that there are limits, I understand having limits on services and offerings. When you are dealing with millions of customers you have to reduce the total number of connections somehow. Its just that it impacted me that is annoying.

There is no great frustration than when something impact you personally.

I am becoming addicted to the concept and process of college basketball recruiting. It feels almost like a never ending soap opera. I just can’t stop reading it every night when I get home.

Anyway – early day, long day. Cya on the other side!


IASA Fellow

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