Change can be good…
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Interesting reality this morning. There is room in my office for two large office dogs (or LOD’s as they like to be addressed) there is not room in my office for 2 LOD’s and a human. I’ve been asked to move out of their office.

I wonder where I am going to sit in the future.

I’ve been playing with the leap controller and frankly, it is very cool. It works as well as the Kinect does, and is a blast to play with. I find myself painting with my hands for an hour at a time. I probably should be doing other things but I just can’t help it.

I am doing backups today, online and machine. I still have a couple of things to connect in my home office but for the most part I am ready to rock and roll. Plus my office is about 85% organized and you can see the floor. (for my office is clean and you can see the floor for all you star trek original series fans).

I’ve gotten a huge number of emails from friends as I noted yesterday about the whole Steve Balmer things. It really has become Steve Blamer. That isn’t fair to him. The world changed radically during his tenure. I was a loyal MS employee and bought a Zune, but frankly everything I spent on the Zune wasn’t 1/2 of what I could easily spend on an iPOD. And in the end have a much better device.

I believe as I have told everyone who has emailed me that for Microsoft to be relevant they will have to go one of two directions from here. The first is to completely go cloud, but there is already a huge competitor waiting there, and its not like Netscape and the browser wars where you can embed and extend. The new world is all about portability and that will impact both Microsoft and Oracle heavily in the next couple of years.

Change can be a good thing.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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