First full day of High School
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Do you remember those days of September when we were young…

Today the boys are officially freshmen in high school. There is a part of me that is extremely proud of both of them. There is another part that still sees them as the little boys we brought home from the hospital now more than 15 years ago. We brought them home and within 5 days Nick was back in the NICU. He was born with an infection that untreated would have probably been well let’s not think about that end state.

Yesterday we had a great walk. We talked about what was coming (high school) and what they dreamed of being. I love it when we have our, as Nick calls them, great walk discussions. Jackie actually got up and did the full older sister thing walking them to school. Dylan went along but most because someone said walk.

Family is a wonder that grows around you. Then they leave the nest to fly and its back to the way it began. The beginning was Barb,  Becca and I. The end will be Barb and I. It isn’t our story alone and we won’t ever be alone. I am proud of the people our kids have become.

To the adult, and young adults I live with I am proud of all of you.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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