On game changers and MADDEN 25

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Game changers are an interesting concept. I am a huge football fan and a game changer is someone on the team that makes a specific play that makes (or breaks) the team’s effort. Simply by that person being on the field of play the game is changed radically.

There are game changes in technology as well. They (the game changers) are not often people however. in fact they are seldom one person (Gates, Jobs are two examples of game changers that were people altering the technology world). They are seldom less than a technology. Where Microsoft rules the seas and created the vast system of disconnected solutions built for specific business problems. Apple built locked container ships that always brought the goods to you, but didn’t vary from the course or let people add things to the ship that weren’t on the original manifest.

Both have risen and fallen over the past 5 years. Apple hit bottom in the early 2000’s and Microsoft is heading that way right now. They will both fall and rise again. It is the nature of change.

The debate (open system or cloud system) continues.

I am on vacation tomorrow and really looking forward to a day of rest. Plus I have a copy of Madden 25 that arrived from Amazon waiting to be played.

time to get rolling!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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