Dylan may be crazy…

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Ok, my dog may be crazy.

Yesterday he decided he didn’t like football. I like football. It was the first IU game of the season and I don’t often get to watch IU games anymore. So we had a discussion. He agreed, once he had most of the pillows and the entire end of the bed that we could watch football. But he glared at me the rest of the game.

Its hard to realize that less than 18 months ago Dylan didn’t live with us. Of course, 6 months ago we were dealing with a landlord who just didn’t really care. They weren’t a bunch of horrible people, they were just ineffective. Its sad really when you think about it, you do something to make money for your family but in the end if you don’t do it well everyone around you notices.

I am on vacation today (slept in hence the late blog). Lots to do today including pulling together the receipts and spending the hour or so to do my expense reports. Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and get it done. Plus filing in August is a value add, it pays the bill before it is due to the credit card.

The home theater team arrives Tuesday. I am hoping they will be prompt, I will have to work from home while they are installing the home theater.

PS. Go Hoosiers. Coach Wilson – very classy having the team kneel the last drive. ISU played well.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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