looking for the best multimedia jukebox

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I was walking about the basement yesterday and realized I have far too many CD’s and DVD’s. Its time to digitize all of them. I have most of the CD’s done at this point and stored on my iPod. I need to finish up the LP’s and cassette tapes and the music will be all digital.

I am looking for a device that will in the end have a built in blu-ray player and will allow me to connect it to my network and store digital movies on it. There are a number of “multimedia jukeboxes” out there but in the end I would like one that is easily used. We have a 300 disk blu-ray player in the home theater but I would like to be able to store and in the end reuse all of the video I have in the house. I used to have a powerfile box on my network before they went out of business. That did a great job of allowing pictures and movies to be shared via a computer throughout the whole house.

So any suggestions great blogosphere?

What is the best (and don’t say Windows Home Server, I’ve tried that one) standalone network attached multimedia jukebox? I don’t want the complexity of adding another home server to my network. I just want a box I can plus in, when I remember put a dvd in so it will be automatically added to the system and go on from there.

I could do it with iTunes but then I am limited in the end in what device can play it back. Home sharing works but it is bound to a computer and of course that means a box you have to leave on all the time (or remember to turn it on when you want to use it).



Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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