Sort of , kind of vacation
My Amazon author page!!!!

I was going to take today, tomorrow and Wednesday off. Instead I am taking half days for all three days, and then the whole day Friday. I guess in the end that is ok. I can still relax and get some of the things done that I haven’t gotten done which is why I needed a vacation day. Still a long weekend will be nice.

Barb cooked thanksgiving last year. This year it is me. Luke helped last year and is helping this year as well. He has become a pretty good cook. Actually so have Nick and Jackie. They are all willing to take on challenges and find different ways to make things.

Tomorrow I am playing with setting up an interactive system using eBeam, the projector and the iPad. Its an idea I’ve had for awhile for a software solution that I have talked to a couple of folks about. So far we haven’t put it on Kickstarter but we have talked about doing that. Who knows maybe we will over the holidays.

I also need to get four blogs put together for the other external blogs I am writing for. For some reason I am struggling right now to come up with topics. It’s a form of writers block I am quite sure.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow?

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