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I am a huge fan of gadgets. For many of my readers this is not news. Recently I’ve been playing around with a work provided tablet (Samsung) and my iPad. The Samsung I got via work is the smaller tablet so we are not doing screen comparisons.

First and foremost connecting to your television from your tablet is very nice. I love the ability via Samsung to connect directly to my TV. I am also enjoying playing with the Chromecast application.

The iPad can connect to the TV puts its more of a push (view content on the device) rather than a share. Although with the Apple TV you can push pull to any television. The iPad can also leverage the Chromecast.

The two application stores continue to improve and both are exceptional. Google Play is much better now than it was 6 months ago. The Apple store has been exceptional since day one.

Great about the Samsung:

  • MicroSD support gives you a lot more storage. Up to 96 gig total.
  • Size – it fits my hand easily
  • Great Screen

Great about the ipad

  • iPads are now up to 128 gig which is amazing – I need every single gig
  • Expandable via external devices.
  • Great Screen

Overall both devices are excellent. I find myself using the tablet more and more and the pc less and less. Although I still do my taxes on my pc.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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