Wandering inside the mind of Scott

My Amazon author page!!!!

My blog is as much my personal nirvana as a release into the wild of some of the crazy stuff in my head. I find great personal relief in the concepts and time spent in blogging.

And I get the crazy out of my head.

The boys are finally getting into the Lord of the Rings and all the folderol that entails. I’ve got Nick reading the Simarillion right now. He is struggling to put a foundation below what he is being presented with. It makes for interesting discussions. Luke is also into the movies but he isn’t reading the Simarillion yet. He is still focusing on the Hobbit.

I read the Lord of the Rings first in 1972. I had consumed the entire SciFi library of BPS and the Librarian suggested I try the works of Tolkien. She said he was “an amazing writer.” I’ve been hooked ever since. (BPS – Bangkok Patana School).

Tolkien was brilliant. I have everything he ever wrote on my Kindle. Now I also have Tom Robbins (Still life of the Woodpecker) on my Kindle as well. He also was brilliant. All time they are my favorite two writers.

The reason for all this naval gazing is the realization that I’ve had more than 50,000 viewer’s of my blogs and podcasts. I passed that mark Saturday which was also my birthday. I find that simply amazing that many different people have viewed my work. (50,000 visitations more than 125,000 views that average visit to my blog results in 2.25 views overall).

Time for some new blog goals!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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